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Re: 64-bit Heimdal/Cygwin, clock, daylight savings conundrum

Andrey Repin writes:

>> I'm in the UK, where summer time started 10 days ago.
>> My Windows 8.1 laptop correctly gained an hour at that time.
>> Yesterday it gained _another_ hour :-(.
> This is suspicious. I hope, there was no changes to DST dates in UK recently?

No, moved by one day from 31/3 in 2013 to 30/3 just now.

> How does it appear to you?
> I.e. if your time zone in Windows set correctly, what time the system clock
> show, and how it is converted to UTC?

Windows thinks I'm in (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London, which
is correct.  Windows shows the correct time, as does Cygwin 'date' 

> Do you have real time synchronization set up?

Yes, that's how I got the time fixed.  I'm running ntpd from the
Meinberg distribution.

> Could it be a server issue at this point? Is it in the same timezone, as
> yourself?

No -- same timezone, we're all in the same city, Edinburgh.  I'm not
aware of anyone else with this problem.

>> So I went to work on what I thought was the underlying problem, the
>> mistaken time.  Fixed that, eventually, by fiddling with BIOS clock
>> and its relation to the system clock.
>> But the kinit problem didn't go away.
>> However, _if_ I set the time one hour forward again, kinit succeeds.
>> True weirdness follows.  I have 32-bit install as well (for xemacs)
>> (Cygcheck attached to previous message).  Problem does _not_ manifest
>> itself there.  kinit works _regardless_ of what the windows clock
>> says.

Note that I can't reproduce this anymore :-(.  That is, 32-bit and
64-bit now both require the time to be one hour forward of the correct
time for kinit to work.

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