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Re: We need steenking patches (Re: Cygwin kill utility...)

On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 1:13 PM, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> It is a little known fact that one of Corinna's early messages was
> actually a suggestion.  I suggested to *her* that a patch would be
> considered.  She took that as a challenge and provided a patch.
> Apparently Corinna is quite unique (we all know that now), at least as
> far as the Cygwin ecosphere is concerned.

I would like to contribute, but the current system sucks, to be frank. As far as
I can tell this is the current repo

but then you can also find this

which has about 50 "CVS Root"s. I dont know if these roots are all Cygwin or
what. All of this fails to mention that nowhere will you find a search function,
which is a huge fail. Compare to GitHub, which has

- search multiple repos at same time
- or search individual repo
- issue tracker
- you can go into the source code of a single file and comment on a single line,
  that is powerful stuff. Example
- pull requests
- wiki for each repo
- binary downloads
- commit logs

of which current CVS does not have, or has crappy incarnation. I know this post
may seem rude, but I have good intent. I also would like to see Cygwin improve,
but you have to make it easier for people to do so.

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