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Re: set Cygwin terminal title

On Tue, Apr 08, 2014 at 03:24:29PM +0100, xmoon 2000 wrote:
> Ho can I set Cygwin termnal title?
> I have tried echoing every escape sequence I have found on web.
> None seem to work.

It's reasonably likely your `$PS1` includes a line to set the terminal
title; I think the default Cygwin Bash profile files do that.  If that's
the case, an escape sequence command to set the terminal title will
work, but will then be immediately reset by the Bash prompt being

To check, run `echo "$PS1"` and see if that includes a bunch of escape
sequences.  If it does, to change that behaviour you'll need to work out
which file is setting `$PS1` and fix it.  It'll probably be one of
`~/.bashrc`, `~/.profile` or `~/.bash_profile`.

If that doesn't get you anywhere, read through the below, including the
link on how to ask smart questions.  You've really not given us much to
go on to help you.

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