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Re: Trouble with running cygwin dll on Vortex86MX+ CPU

On Mon, 7 Apr 2014, Christopher Faylor wrote:

Greetings, Chris,

On Mon, Apr 07, 2014 at 09:28:29PM -0400, Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
On 4/7/2014 6:41 PM, Peter A. Castro wrote:

Geetings, Larry,

Some comments about this (sorry if this is off-tipic):

Since you're providing this Cygwin service, I don't consider information
about this service to be off-topic.  And, of course, if *I* don't consider
it off-topic, it certainly can't be. ;-)

Good to know! :-)

1) There used to be a directory to pull the snapshots, but that's been
    removed or otherwise made inaccessable a while ago, so archving the
    snapshots has been impossible for me.

Understood.  Yeah, access to "snapshots", among others, is turned off to
robots.  I'd say check with Chris on this one to see if there could be
some accommodation here.

The only thing that has changed in the last year is that the snapshots
are now in an architecture specific directory.  I'm not aware of
sourceware offering any method for accessing snapshots other than the
snapshot web page.

Hmm... Perhaps I've been trying to wget the wrong directory. I'll check on that and get back to you.

2) Packaging changes of setup.exe have made extracting the version string
    impossible, save for actually running setup, which isn't something I'm
    going to do on a daily basis.  If there is a method of extracting this
    info from it, please do tell me how.

I'm assuming it used to just be in the RC file in the past.  Didn't look
in the history to trace it back.  But now it is generated and put in
setup_version.c as a global constant setup_version.

setup.exe is packed with upx.  If you want to see the version string I
suppose you could unpack it with upx.

I have an old version of upx, so perhaps it's just out of date, but even when I could extract it, at some point the version string was moved to setup_version.c and became difficult to extract from the binary. I'd largely given up, but I'll take another crack at it.

3) The format of setup.ini hasn't changed in any significant way that
    prevents newer versions of setup from working with older versions of
    the achive, and vise-versa, so it hasn't been worth doing regular
    achives of setup.  Mostly I tell people to grab the lastest setup and
    try it first.

Yes, generally, this should work and I agree that this is the first,
easiest answer if there is no corresponding setup for a particular date.  I
was under the impression that you were also pulling setups with each
release.  That, of course, is no guarantee of direct correspondence
either but it's close.  No matter.

It is entirely possible that a new field could show up in setup.ini
eventually but I don't see the syntax changing so it's likely, but
not guaranteed, that new setup.exe's will work with old setup.ini's.

Yes, there's no guarantee, I knowledge that.

That's why I randomly keep a copy of various versions of setup, just in case. But, until something does change, it "WJFFM". :-)

Once I have an ability to extract versions from setup again, I'll see about doing it more regularly.

    The exceptions are for the Legacy release (hard coded for -legacy)
    as well as the preview (-2) release, but that, again, was most about
    the name of the setup file and the initial release path names.
    So, there really hasn't been much incentive to archive setup.

    That being said, I do have a Legacy and a -2 setup versions available
    for those that need them, as well as some other older releases of
    setup, just in case.

Yes, I noticed.  That's a "Good Thing"(tm).  :-)


Thanks, to both of you, for replying.  I really apprecite it.


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