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Re: Request for Junctions be treated consistently

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
Look, directory reparse points are, by and large, symlinks to another,
real directory entry.  The directory has a primary path, which is its
own path under which it has been created, and the reparse point is just
a pointer to this directory.  If that's not a symlink, what is?
	What is a mount 'bind' on linux?

	You could call it a symlink, but it acts like a mount.
Since both mountd and mountvol form "junctions", and not "symlinks (
as when you use 'mklink'), I'm asking the the junctions be treated
as volume mount points -- or like 'bind' on linux.  That way,
I can mount parts of the file system in common in multiple locations
and not have to worry about all the utilities that overwrite symlinks
instead of following them.

	But it was intended to allow grafting of the file system
into different locations for ease of administration.  Treating them
the same as symlinks removes that ability because most or many of
the linux utils will overwrite symlinks rather than follow them
as they would if it was a mount.

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