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Re: Possibly wrong address passed to callq asm instruction within MPIR test binaries

Le Mon, 07 Apr 2014 09:14:41 +0000, Jean-Pierre Flori a ÃcritÂ:
> Looking a little further, it seems the problematic functions are those
> directly assembled from assembly code.
> That was the case of mpn_store on x86_64.
> And when I remove all dllimport, the call to the function mpn_addadd_n
> also gives a segfault when executing t-addadd_n.exe.
> Note that the test t-aors.exe does not segfault, and indeed it only uses
> the mpn_add_1 and mpn_sub_1 functions which are not from assembly.
It seems the dll produced at least has different treatment for these tow 
kinds of functions.

jp@napoleon-7 ~
$ nm local/bin/cygmpir-16.dll | grep store
00000004ff238170 T __gmpn_store
00000004ff238198 t __gmpn_store.1
00000004ff2381a0 t __gmpn_store.2
00000004ff2381b3 t __gmpn_store.3
00000004ff2381bd t __gmpn_store.4
00000004ff2381be t __gmpn_store.5
00000004ff2381c3 t __gmpn_store.6
00000004ff2381c9 t __gmpn_store.7

jp@napoleon-7 ~
$ nm local/bin/cygmpir-16.dll | grep addadd_n
00000004ff208e10 T __gmpn_addadd_n
00000004ff208e50 t __gmpn_addadd_n.1
00000004ff208eac t __gmpn_addadd_n.2
00000004ff208ebe t __gmpn_addadd_n.3
00000004ff208f0f t __gmpn_addadd_n.4
00000004ff208f54 t __gmpn_addadd_n.5
00000004ff208f6e t __gmpn_addadd_n.6

jp@napoleon-7 ~
$ nm local/bin/cygmpir-16.dll | grep add_1
00000004ff207d40 T __gmpn_add_1


jp@napoleon-7 ~/mpir
$ nm .libs/libmpir.dll.a | grep add_1
0000000000000000 T __gmpn_add_1
0000000000000000 I __imp___gmpn_add_1

jp@napoleon-7 ~/mpir
$ nm .libs/libmpir.dll.a | grep addadd_n
0000000000000000 I __imp___gmpn_addadd_n
0000000000000000 I __nm___gmpn_addadd_n

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