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Re: Request for Junctions be treated consistently

On Apr  5 04:13, Linda Walsh wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >On Apr  1 09:39, Linda Walsh wrote:
> >>If I mount a device using mount vol in 2 different places, will they
> >>have different device numbers the same?
> >
> >The same, just as on Linux.
> ---
> 	Why special case junctions created with 'linkd' to return
> as symlinks but not 'mountvol' if they both suffer from the same
> possibilities of circular mounting?  I.e. creating circular loops
> is no reason for linux to force the 'bind' command to look like
> a 'symlink', but the same conditions exist.  I
> [...]
> -----------------
> >Sorry, but I really don't understand your question here.
> ----
> You said:
> >If you create a directory junction to an existing dir and treat it as
> >directory, the directory shows up twice under the same device number.
> >Find or tar will enumerate (and archive) the dir twice.
> ---
> Under similar circumstances, it's not a problem on linux -- they
> are the same device numbers but the above utilities don't loop
> infinitely.

I didn't talked about loops.

> I don't think your original concern is as big a problem as you
> think, as is indicated by the above setup on linux.
> I.e. is there some other reason to not treat "linkd" mounts
> the same as "mountvol" mounts -- in a manner equivalent to linux's
> 'bind' mounts?
> I.e. I don't see that that linkd which creates a junction-mount
> point, should be treated as a symlink.  It would provide valuable
> benefit in cygwin terms in being able to setup directories at
> multiple place like 'bind' does on linux, and be resistant to being
> overwritten like symlinks.

Look, directory reparse points are, by and large, symlinks to another,
real directory entry.  The directory has a primary path, which is its
own path under which it has been created, and the reparse point is just
a pointer to this directory.  If that's not a symlink, what is?


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