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Re: Trouble with running cygwin dll on Vortex86MX+ CPU

Corinna Vinschen <corinna-cygwin <at>> writes:

> > In discussing this with the embedded PC supplier, he suggests that the 
> > cygwin1.dll is exiting because it doesn't recognise the CPU. Is this 
> > explanation plausible? And if it is, is there a solution available, or 
> > must I give up on using cygwin for this application?
> As far as the pre-built Cygwin goes, I fear that you can't do a lot.
> You could try to build Cygwin in i486 mode, and if that works, you have
> to make sure to build applications against the newly built crt0.o and
> libcygwin.a.  But that's not all to keep in mind.  When building
> applications, parts of GCC are linked in as well, namely crtbegin.o and
> crtend.o, and sometimes cyggcc_s-1.dll.  All these may or may not use
> post-i486 opcodes, so if push comes to shove you'd end up having to
> rebuild GCC for i486 as well.
> I'm not trying to discourage you, but you might have a lot of
> experimenting to do to get this working.
> Corinna
Thanks Corinna for this information. Now I understand the underlying issue 
and can decide how to move forward. 

Given that my application is not so big, I suspect that the pragmatic 
course will be to re-code it for Win32. 

Cheers, Colin

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