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Problems with binutils?

It seems that the attached test case does not work rightly with current binutils.

The Help menu contains two About items and About2 is created from About1 with Copy/Paste. Now, while clicking on About1 works as expected, the click on About2 does not produce anything and fails. If I comment out the FILE_EXIT stuff (from .c, .h and .rc files) the issue is for About1 and not for About2 (it "swapped"!).

If, as binutils, I use the old binutils-2.23.52-5.tar.bz2 package, all works as expected.

I can reproduce the issue also with the current mingw-w64 binutils (and the relative mingw-w64 compilers, i686-w64-mingw32, x86_64-w64-mingw32).

The issue does not exist using mingw binutils (i686-pc-mingw32).

The attached tar-ball can be used in this way:

$ tar -xvf test_case_b.tar.bz2
$ cd test_case_b
$ ./dlg_one.out

To create the test case I have adapted an application found on the web.

Consider that I discovered the issue with a more complicated Fortran application.


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