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Re: libuuid-devel: libuuid.a for static linking missing in latest package

On 2014-03-31 18:22, wrote:
I've just updated an old cygwin environment to latest, and my build
broke. Further examination shows that when I upgraded from
libuuid-devel-2.21-1 to libuuid-devel-2.21-2.1, the file
/usr/lib/libuuid.a (which my build was relying on) disappeared.

Is this a bug or is this on purpose?

On purpose; static libraries are now disabled by default.

Note that there *is* another libuuid.a available in the mingw packages,
but those are not the same library - the mingw libuuid.a is a link
library for the Win32 uuid.dll; wheras the (now missing) libuuid.a from
libuuid-devel provides the unix style uuid library - an easy test: if
the library contains the routine "uuid_compare", it is the Unix one; if
it doesn't, it's the Windows one.

Correct, these are not the same.

So, should I switch to shared, or should I try to submit a
patch to add the .a again?

You should link with -luuid, which will create a dependency on the libuuid1 package.


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