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Re: Install older version of sshd

On 3/31/2014 4:57 PM, Curtis wrote:

Thanks for the help on my last question about sshd. :)

Now, another question -- I would like to test an older version of
openssh; the 5.9 release.

What's the best way to go about installing that? I see a couple repos
with older versions of openssh still in them, but I'm not sure how to
get the installer to let me install or downgrade an older package.

That's old enough that setup*.exe isn't going to let you downgrade to
it.  It really only supports downgrading to the "previous" version,
which in most cases is the previous version released.  If you want to
install 5.9, you can download the package directly and install it
using Cygwin's tar to unpack it.  Another alternative is to search for
the "Cygwin Time Machine" and use it to install a version of Cygwin
that was current for 5.9.  These procedures are, of course, not
supported by this list so if you run into problems, you'll be on
your own.  But they should allow you to do what you want.



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