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Re: Request for Junctions be treated consistently

Linda Walsh wrote:
If you use the 'mountvol' you a *local* root folder
mounted at some drive letter that can be maintained over
boots. is listed as a JUNCTION and treated by cygwin
as a regular dir.

For some reason the other type of directory hookup made
by "linkd" which also created a JUNKTION
vs. (mklink creating a SYMLINK or SYMLINKD) is shown
as a soft-pointer .
---- hit send instead of save...Sigh...

What I would like to see is restoring the native
directory look to 'linkd' so that it could be use as
a weaker sybling of linux's 'bind' command. Since there is no way to namespaces or have symlinks
honored with out this, I would really be beneficial to not have
those lumped in with SYMLINKs, as they are really JUNCTIONS.

So could it be seen by cygwin as a dir and not a symlink.
Ideal cygwin would be able to tell there was a 'mount' there, but
symlinks are just walked all over these days..

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