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remote desktop /session bus woes...(was Re: problem with opengl (glxgears) running on cygwin ....)

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
On 2014-03-25 09:05, Jon TURNEY wrote:
On 20/03/2014 08:41, Linda Walsh wrote:
When I try to run glxgears locally, it displays the initial gears,
but now they are just frozen.  It doesn't work remotely, either,
which was what I tried initially.  It *used* to work -- remotely
at 20-30 frames/second (as measured by fraps).

Interestingly enough, I get a glx window, -- fraps will display
30 (the right number for my screen refresh rate), in the right corner
of the glxgears window... but the gears don't move.

Thanks for pointing out this issue.

I think that currently glxgears doesn't work very well with the combination of indirect rendering and vsync-limited buffer swapping, so you are getting 30
fps, but they aren't useful frames.

This should be fixed in mesa-demos-8.1.0-2.
FWIW, I tried another X server...VcXsrv?...
Same with that program.

I tried several, got some that worked, most didn't.

Of the few that worked 'well' remotely, they were variations
on the glgears... got about 400-500 FPS -- and about low 300's MB/s
in bandwidth consumed... that sounds about right... but I think
there are other problem in trying to get a remote desktop to work
now... everything wants to connect to the session bus -- and many progs
won't start if they can't.  So if I can't figure out a way to
get that to work, remote usage is left at a fairly primitive level
despite the high frame rates on a 3"x4" window... ;-)

One of the demo progs said it required opengl 2.1 .. my card has V4.something.
well above 2.1, so that seems like another latent problem.

Will look for the fixed version ...

thanks for the news...

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