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Re: LPR problem ?

Andrey Repin writes:

> Greetings, David Masterson!
>> Windows has an 'lpr' command?!?
> Since the moment it gained TCP/IP support. Part of standard protocol
> stack.  Along with ftp, telnet and other stuff.  And not to disappoint
> anyone, but I've found that windows LPR works better in certain cases.

Hmmmm.  Where (on Windows 8.1) is this 'lpr' command (or where is it
supposed to be)?  What exactly is it used for?  How is it used?

I think I found it in a hidden temp directory, but I don't have any
clues on how it is used.

>> It seems to be a Dell dialog box possibly produced by the printer
>> driver.  I get it for anything that I try to print out to the printer
>> under Windows.  It pops up in the lower right of the screen and tells
>> you how far the printout has progressed as well as whether the ink
>> cartridge is running out.  This, at least, gives me the clue that the
>> 'lpr' command is "kicking" the printer if not quite kicking it
>> properly.

> No, but I can quite imagine this kind of annoying boxes. Epson do that
> alot, so does HP last six or so years.  This just confirms that you
> probably printing to localhost.  The answer could be that the
> resulting job missing something critical, and is refused either by
> printer driver or the printer itself.  If you print something from
> Windows right after this failure of an experiemnt, don't your LPR'd
> job gets out as well?  Another thought is that LPR works with printer
> on a low level.  Which means... the document you are sending to print
> must be preformatted in a language the printer understand. I.e. it
> must be a plain text, PS, PCL or something of that kind.

I had thoughts along this line too (missing formfeed at end of file?),
but haven't devised a test yet.  Thought I might try the Windows 'lpr'
you spoke of to see if it worked better.  The 'print' command seems to
work, but I'm not sure if it has conversion problems (CRLF -> LF or vice
versa) and, so, causes strange wraps in the output.  If it had more
output controls, I'd probably just settle for that.

David Masterson

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