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Re: LPR problem ?

Andrey Repin writes:

> Greetings, David Masterson!
>> I've installed the complete Cygwin environment on my Windows 8.1 system.
>> When I try to use 'lpr',
> lpr to where?...

Not sure I understand the question.  I'm trying to LPR a file to my Dell
AIO 810 printer.  Basically, just 'lpr file' from within a Cygwin shell

>> it seems like the file is printed properly *except* nothing comes out of the
>> printer.  This is a Dell AIO 810 printer that, once I installed the proper
>> driver, doesn't seem to have a problem printing from Windows via (say)
>> Notepad.  When I 'lpr' a file under Cygwin,
> Are you sure you're using Cygwin's LPR, and not Windows own?

Windows has an 'lpr' command?!?  The command 'which lpr' reports /usr/bin/lpr.

>> there is no errors and, in fact, the dialog box showing
>> that the file is being printed comes up, cycles out to 99%, thinks for a
>> few seconds, goes to 100%, and then seems to be done.  The problem is
>> that nothing comes out of the printer.
> Erm...?
> What dialog box?

It seems to be a Dell dialog box possibly produced by the printer
driver.  I get it for anything that I try to print out to the printer
under Windows.  It pops up in the lower right of the screen and tells
you how far the printout has progressed as well as whether the ink
cartridge is running out.  This, at least, gives me the clue that the
'lpr' command is "kicking" the printer if not quite kicking it

Do you have a Dell AIO 810 printer?
David Masterson

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