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Re: LPR problem ?

Let's try this again...

Linda Walsh writes:

> David Masterson wrote:
>> Anyone have ideas on how to debug this??
> ----
> Have you tried the -D switch with
> lpr to enable debugging output?
> Are you sure you are correctly specifying the device
> name?

It seems to be correct.  The debug switch on lpr doesn't say a whole lot:

$ lpr -D tasks.txt 
Windows printer name = 'Dell AIO 810'
isWindows9x = 0, isWindows2K_NT4 = 1
Printer name: 'Journal Note Writer', Port name: 'Journal Note Writer Port:'
Printer name: 'Send To Neat', Port name: 'sdtn'
Printer name: 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer', Port name: 'PORTPROMPT:'
Printer name: 'Fax', Port name: 'SHRFAX:'
Printer name: 'Dell PC Fax', Port name: 'Dell PC Fax'
Printer name: 'Dell AIO 810', Port name: 'USB001'

So, this gives me the impression that it is sending the information to
the right place.  Also, when I do this, the Dell popup that tells you
what is being printed and where *DOES* popup to suggest that it got the
print request and it is trying to print it out.  The problem is that it
seems to send the file "somewhere", take a second to close the port,
then finish up and not report any problems.

p.s. "print /p tasks.txt" seems to work from cygwin Xterm I did the
"lpr" above from.  Just not sure how to control the size of the output
and would prefer to use the cygwin command.

Any other options?
David Masterson

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