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Re: launching sh/bash from windows console (cmd) results in application Segmentation Faults

On 3/26/2014 1:35 PM, Scott Mitchell wrote:
When launching cygwin bash shell from windows command prompt (cmd)
then applications run by bash very frequently crash with Segmentation
Faults.  When this occurs applications that are launched by the shell
are not cleaned up after the shell session terminates (for example
ssh-agents and ssh processes remain and must be killed in task
manager).  This is also a problem when using cygwin from other shell
environments such as console2 and conemu.

Do you have the same problem with Cygwin 32 bits?  How about with
the current Cygwin package (1.7.28) with either 32 bits or 64?
I had no problem running this on 32-bits from W7 x64 with 1.7.28.



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