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Re: bash adds dot to $PATH

On Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 3:14 AM, Linda Walsh wrote:
> Robert Klemme wrote:
>   So it could be an OS "feature" but I could not find any
>> documentation about this. And it is still totally unclear to me what
>> the criterion might be as bash suffers from this but all other shells
>> do not. This is weird.
> ----
> I don't think BASH sets the path... it adds to the existing one.

Please read the other emails - all the information is there.

> The others may set PATH.
> The "." in the path might be the way legacy programs can find their
> personal 'libs' in their bin dir, since when most bin's are executed,
> the CWD is set to the bindir.

Yes, probably. But why do some processes have it added and some not? I
even tried searching for information on such a feature on Microsoft
sites but did not find anything. I can imagine Windows doing this kind
of magic, but I haven't found any documentation about this -
especially what properties a process needs to have for this automatism
to kick in.



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