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Re: thanks to a great support team

On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 12:25:03PM -0400, Steven Bardwell wrote:
>We have successfully ported our software to Cygwin -- in the past we
>have ported this source code to SFU/SUA, Linux, AIX, HPUX, SCO, iSeries
>PASE, and OSX.  The Cygwin port was no harder than any other port, and
>the result is working really nicely.
>The Cygwin version has passed its first week of beta testing at a
>customer (running on three 32-bit servers and one 64-bit server).
>According to the customer, the Cygwin version is noticeably faster than
>the SFU/SUA version they were migrating from.
>You all run a great support operation -- helpful, knowledgeable, and
>fast.  Without your support, we would still be fiddling with the

You're welcome.  The appreciation is appreciated.

I hate to be a buzzkill but, since you are talking about customers I
have to point out that the Cygwin DLL is licensed under the GPL.  That
means that you need to make the source code available for any binaries
that you distribute that use the Cygwin DLL.  And, if you are
distributing any DLLS (like the Cygwin DLL) you must also make the
source code for them available as well.

Maybe you are already doing all of this but I thought I would mention
this in the off chance that you weren't aware of these requirements so
that you could minimize any legal snafus with distributing GPLed

If this is an issue you might want to consider licensing Cygwin from
Red Hat.  You can get more information about this by clicking on the
"Red Hat Cygwin Product" at .

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