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Bingo... cygserver-config script installed inconsistent path in registry.

Finally tracked this down.

when I ran the cygserver-config, it installed a different
path for cygserver-config than what everything else
thinks it is running under...

I.e. even though my shell and the dbus server, both think
they are running under C:/bin (which is a symlink ->
cygwin64/bin, through C:\windows\system32\cygwin)
The cygserver-config installed C:\cygwin64\bin\cygrunsrv.exe
in the registry -- which worked for starting it, but it thought
it was a different instance than anything else.

i.e. bash, and X11 and dbus are all started off of C:\bin.

I changed the path of the service to correspond to the others
(->C:\bin\cygrunsrv.exe), and now my X server picks up the shared

(But glxgears still don't turn... -- I thought the lack of shared
memory might be a problem there, but guess its another problem).

So why didn't cygserver-config install what all the other progs
thought they were under ("C:\bin")?

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