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Re: Errors when installing 64 bit cygwin -- apparently result of drive out of space. Request better checking / reporting?

On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 07:23:55PM -0500, Patrick Spinler wrote:
>TLDR: cygwin install apparently doesn't check for adequate space prior
>to starting the install, and if it runs out during install spams
>misleading error dialogs while corrupting c:\cygwin.
>I'm attempting to install a 64 bit cygwin.  Unfortunately, I can't
>attach a cygcheck since I haven't gotten to a working installation.
>I'm rsyncing a local cygwin repository from either the mirror
>or the mirror, most recently yesterday mar 19th
>(something I'm unfortunately required to do due to our servers normally
>being blocked from internet access).  However, setup.exe reports that
>it's version 2.844.
>I'm selecting a full installation, that is, telling it to install
>When I install, after a certain point in the installation, I start
>receiving error dialogs:
>Unable to extract
>/usr/src/debug/netpbm-10.61.02-1/converter/pbm/pktopbm.c -- corrupt package?
>When I click through these dialogs, I end up with a whole bunch of
>garbage files in my c:\cygwin directory.  Like this (output trimmed to
>not line wrap):
>pjs11@ROETIV902A cygwin $ pwd
>pjs11@ROETIV902A cygwin $ ls -1F
>        pgm_freerow(outputRow);?        }?    }?    pm_close(ifP);?
>    pm_close(ifP);??    return 0;?}?*
>    return print_pbm (in);?}??*
>  dsDestroySource(sourceManagerP);??    free(cmdline.input_filespec
>(level))??    address++;?      }?      else?      {?? if (y & heigh
>(stdout);??    return 0;?}?*
>);?    }??  exit (0);?}??#endif /
>costs = costs;???*mx      = x * bitshift;???*my      = y * bitshift
>e_header();?            write_rle_data();?            ?
>lect the i least significant bits?   of a bit string.?-------------
>s_timer, STOP) < frame_time) /
>I should also mention that no checksum errors are reported during the
>install, and I've been able to manually verify the md5 checksums for the
>packages where it reports errors, so I'm pretty sure I have a good copy
>of the repository.
>Also, I note that if I restart the install, but deselect the packages it
>complains about, it'll happen again, just at a later set of packages.
>Independently, I note at this point that my disk drive is out of space.
> I theorize that all the errors I note above are due to this fact.  For
>what it's worth, I'm starting this install with >9gb free, which I
>mistakenly assumed would be more than enough ...
>Assuming that a full disk is in fact the cause of the errors I'm seeing,
>can setup please check for available disk space, either just prior to
>kicking off the install, or at least stop the install when it receives a
>disk error due to running out of space and/or accurately report the
>cause of the error?


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