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Errors when installing 64 bit cygwin -- apparently result of drive out of space. Request better checking / reporting?


TLDR: cygwin install apparently doesn't check for adequate space prior
to starting the install, and if it runs out during install spams
misleading error dialogs while corrupting c:\cygwin.

I'm attempting to install a 64 bit cygwin.  Unfortunately, I can't
attach a cygcheck since I haven't gotten to a working installation.

I'm rsyncing a local cygwin repository from either the mirror
or the mirror, most recently yesterday mar 19th
(something I'm unfortunately required to do due to our servers normally
being blocked from internet access).  However, setup.exe reports that
it's version 2.844.

I'm selecting a full installation, that is, telling it to install

When I install, after a certain point in the installation, I start
receiving error dialogs:

Unable to extract
/usr/src/debug/netpbm-10.61.02-1/converter/pbm/pktopbm.c -- corrupt package?

When I click through these dialogs, I end up with a whole bunch of
garbage files in my c:\cygwin directory.  Like this (output trimmed to
not line wrap):

pjs11@ROETIV902A cygwin $ pwd

pjs11@ROETIV902A cygwin $ ls -1F
        pgm_freerow(outputRow);?        }?    }?    pm_close(ifP);?
    pm_close(ifP);??    return 0;?}?*
    return print_pbm (in);?}??*
  dsDestroySource(sourceManagerP);??    free(cmdline.input_filespec
(level))??    address++;?      }?      else?      {?? if (y & heigh
(stdout);??    return 0;?}?*
);?    }??  exit (0);?}??#endif /
costs = costs;???*mx      = x * bitshift;???*my      = y * bitshift
e_header();?            write_rle_data();?            ?
lect the i least significant bits?   of a bit string.?-------------
s_timer, STOP) < frame_time) /

I should also mention that no checksum errors are reported during the
install, and I've been able to manually verify the md5 checksums for the
packages where it reports errors, so I'm pretty sure I have a good copy
of the repository.

Also, I note that if I restart the install, but deselect the packages it
complains about, it'll happen again, just at a later set of packages.

Independently, I note at this point that my disk drive is out of space.
 I theorize that all the errors I note above are due to this fact.  For
what it's worth, I'm starting this install with >9gb free, which I
mistakenly assumed would be more than enough ...

Assuming that a full disk is in fact the cause of the errors I'm seeing,
can setup please check for available disk space, either just prior to
kicking off the install, or at least stop the install when it receives a
disk error due to running out of space and/or accurately report the
cause of the error?

-- Pat

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