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Re: Public key authorization problem with latest snapshot

On Mar 19 18:05, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Mar 19 12:46, Ken Brown wrote:
> > On 3/19/2014 12:09 PM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > >On Mar 19 11:37, Ken Brown wrote:
> > >>Here's some more weirdness involving the recent changes to exception
> > >>handling on 64-bit Cygwin.
> > >>
> > >>I have an ordinary user kbrown and an administrator user
> > >>kbrown-admin. I use the following command to simulate "su":
> > >>
> > >>   ssh kbrown-admin@$(hostname) .
> > >>
> > >>With the current (2014-03-18) x86_64 snapshot, this doesn't work if
> > >>I try to use public key authorization.  I simply get a message
> > >>
> > >>   Connection closed by fe80::81db:bf3a:6434:6015%11
> > >>
> > >>and I'm not even prompted for my passphrase [*].  But if I move my
> > >>id_rsa and out of the way, I'm prompted for a password,
> > >>and I can login successfully.
> > >>
> > >>Reverting to the 2014-03-17 snapshot fixes the problem.
> > >
> > >I just checked in a change.  Please give it a try.  If this doesn't work
> > >either, I don't know how to proceed.
> > 
> > This fixes the public key authorization problem, but the timeout
> > during the starting of gtk applications is back.  The
> > "window-default" program from the other thread is still a test case
> > for that problem.
> Ok, I give up.  I have no idea anymore how to change that.

I have a big problem here.  I reverted the entire exception handling to
1.7.28 state, and the "window-default" application still hangs for me
and generates the

  WARNING **: Error retrieving accessibility bus address:
  org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply [etc]

message before the window opens.  Then I rebuild the same code, without
any changes, just with -g -O2 instead of just -g, and the window-default
application didn't hang.  If I build everything with -g and only the
files which include exception.h with -O2, I would have expected that it
works, but not so.  It still hangs.  

I tried every variation of execption handler installation and the kitchen
sink, but whatever change I try, the only variation which works for
window-default is the 1.7.28 version compiled with -O2.  Which is not
good given that the exception handler is called twice.  Every change to
make sure the vectored continue handler is only called in the debugger
result in window-default hanging again.

I just can't find a stable state which does not fail one way or the other :(

We need to know what happens there, but the various dbus-FOO processes
started at once are a bit overwhelming.


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