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Re: sox - package is broken

On 18/03/2014 23:16, Christopher Faylor wrote:
On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 03:32:18PM -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
Ok.  I see a SEGV with "cat >".  Investigating.
Should be fixed in the current snapshot.

Thank you for taking another look at this. I've tried with the latest snapshot, dated 2014-03-19. This behaves as follows:

    cp ding.wav /dev/dsp

The above command works fine; all of the audio file is heard.

    cat ding.wav > /dev/dsp

The segmentation fault is fixed - thanks. The sound is heard, but the last 1.5s are truncated. If the wav file is less than 1.5s long then no sound is produced.

    AUDIODRIVER=ao play ding.wav

This is playing the audio through sox, which is where this whole thread started. No sound at all, and no output to the console to indicate that sox is attempting to play the file. The command exits (with return code 0) after a couple of seconds (approximately), irrespective of the duration of the wav file supplied. Cranking up the verbosity with 'play -V6' doesn't offer any assistance.

Reverting to cygwin-1.7.28-2, all of the above commands function identically: the sound is heard but the last 1.5s are omitted, and no sound is produced if the wav file is less than 1.5s in duration.

Sadly, I'm too busy with other matters to give this any real attention right now. However, if we still haven't got to the bottom of this then I'll have a dive into the code early next week.



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