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Re: Silently configure sshd fails via system account

On 03/18/2014 09:24 PM, PolarStorm wrote:
> Paul Griffith wrote
>> ...
>> /usr/bin/ssh-host-config --yes --cygwin ntsec --user cyg_server --pwd blah
>> ...
> Just a few things...
> 1) Don't do that (manually).
> First of all, "ntsec" is deprecated. Second, there are a lot of strange
> issues when
> using "--yes", just answer the questions manually, especially since you
> don't need
> all those keys just to have ssh work.
> 2) Make sure you run the ssh-host-config from an "administrator: cygwin
> shell.
> 3) Check your /etc/sshd-config for: "UsePrivilegeSeparation sandbox" which
> is
> the new default. The ssh-host-config script has a bug on line 169 that
> attempts
> to set this to "no", but where the regex fails. (I told people in  THIS
> <>
> nabble post, but I
> don't think it ever reached the main mailing list.)
> 4) The sshd user pas-wor-d is set to expire by default after 42 days, in
> Windows 8.1.
> Fix it if you're using that.

Thanks Gene for the heads up, it will help me fine tune my setup!  I need to use the "--yes" option because I am building a automated installation for Windows 7.


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