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Re: Silently configure sshd fails via system account

On 3/17/2014 7:22 PM, Henry S. Thompson wrote:
Lord Laraby writes:

That's interesting. sshd-host-config gave me only sshd as a privileged
user name, cyg_server is already taken by a non-prvileged user
connected to the cygserver service.
Also, at no time does mkgroup create a group called root.

That suggests an earlier (Cygwin-install-time) error, doesn't it?

I should have said I did exactly _no_ group/permission by-hand
fiddling to get the setup I sent.  All happened auto-magically as a
result of basic install.  Looking at my download area, I see I
installed cygwin, cygrunsrv and openssh all as part of my initial
install.  I can't immediately detect any sign of what initialisations
ran in what order -- /etc/sshd_config was built about an hour after
the downloads. . .

Right.  '/etc/sshd_config' is built by 'ssh-host-config'.  It will create
the 'sshd' user for those requesting privilege separation and 'cyg-server'
as the privileged user to run the 'sshd' service under.  All this is done
as part of the 'ssh-host-config' script.  If this script isn't run, then
obviously the 'sshd' service won't start.  That's not say that it will
always just start when 'ssh-host-config' is run.  But that's the intent
and the blueprint for debugging problems.



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