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Re: Silently configure sshd fails via system account

Okay, I figured out the whole issue. The script suggested
non-privleged user sshd as the service user. I allowed that and the
user was created. However the issues the script messed up are:
1) The account was never activated - "net user sshd /active:yes" had
to be run at the command line.
2) All of the keys had permissions given to user cyg_server (which is
actually another service with different needs).
3) the /var/empty file ownership was changed to sshd (stolen from
cyg_server which also had that assigned home directory.) So, that was
correct but wrong.
4) The /var/log/sshd.log ownership was given to cyg_server (who does
not write to that log.) the cygserver.log is owned by SYSTEM!!! I do
not know why.
5) Permission modes were wrong on every file.

These were all setup by the cygwin script, all I did was answer 'yes'
to each question and provide sshd a password (twice).

This might warrant a check by the maintainer.

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