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Re: With latest snapshot, emacs is very slow to start under X11

On Mar 15 12:35, Ken Brown wrote:
> On 3/14/2014 4:19 PM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >The problem is this.  The memory addresses given in the straces or in
> >the below stackdump don't make any sense to me, because I don't have
> >your DLL.  For clarity it would be helpful to run
> >
> >   addr2line -e cygwin1.dbg [address...]
> >
> >so the addresses (the ones starting with 0x0018 at least) can be
> >conveniently connected to source lines.
> Sorry, I meant to say that the straces were made from
> cygwin-1.7.28-2 ("good DLL") and the 2014-03-10 snapshot ("bad
> DLL").  The addresses of the exceptions in the straces all point to
>  I can't do anything with the stackdump below
> because, as I said, I don't know which DLL I was using when the
> crash occurred.  All I know is that it was from one of the
> snapshots, because it happened while I was bisecting.
> I'll keep testing and see if I can get another stackdump.

Thanks.  What makes me wonder is the long time emacs is waiting
for dbus.  This doesn't make sense in terms of exception handling.
It sounds a bit as if it's *really* waiting for some reason and
the question is, what exactly is it waiting for (socket timeout?)
and why didn't it wait before?

> >>These three facts suggest that the problem might have something to do with how Cygwin handles an exception that occurs when emacs (or Glib) tries to start a dbus daemon and the latter crashes.  But I'm just guessing.
> >
> >But why does it crash in the first place?
> I have no idea.  I'll see if I can figure anything out.

That would be incredibly helpful.  There is a chance that the old
exception handling didn't work as expected and therefore covered
something under the hood.

> >Using the SEH filter is, strictly speaking, the right thing to do.  The
> >vectored exception handler is just an ugly workaround in comparison.
> >Therefore it's quite the bummer that emacs or dbus or whatever, seems
> >to choke on that.  I'm not familiar enough with exception handling so
> >I can't guarantee that I find a solution which is working in all cases.
> >I was glad enough when Kai Tietz (our Mingw64 maintainer) pointed out
> >the SEH filter solution used Mingw64.  I'm using it in exactly the
> >same way as Mingw64 is using it :(
> >
> >Why is it always emacs?  Vim works fine...
> Sorry.

Nah, never mind.  I'm just frustrated, is all.


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