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Re: Cygwin needs a man-db port

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Mar 14 10:24, Chris J. Breisch wrote:
I downloaded and built the latest version of check, and it seems to
work much better. I still have issues with libpipelines tests. It
appears that there is a 32/64-bit issue somewhere. I'm using Cygwin
x64. Many of the tests fail with issues similar to the following:

relocation truncated to fit: R_X86_64_PC32 against undefined symbol

The "relocation truncated to fit" gcc error message on 64 bit systems is
a red herring.  It's in fact just what it says, there's an undefined
symbol.  Off the top of my head I don't know where ck_assert_failed is
defined, probably some library, but the leading underscore is suspicious.
The 64 bit ABI does not prepend underscores to symbol names as the 32
bit ABI does.


Oh. Thanks, Corinna. I'll dig more when I get a chance.

Chris J. Breisch

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