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Re: Cygwin needs a man-db port

Op 14-3-2014 15:24 Chris J. Breisch schreef:
Erwin Waterlander wrote:
Op 14-3-2014 13:58 Chris J. Breisch schreef:

There's also a check 0.9.12 from January of this year.

It appears to me that we should upgrade check to at least 0.9.11, as
I'm unconvinced that the current version is working.

It was in October when I tried. I also could get libpipelines and man-db
compiled, but it did not work properly. I had also failing tests in the
libpipeline package. In the end I could display a man page in Russian
and English of Vim, but man-db coredumped on the Fench man page.

I remember there were indeed problems with 'check'. At that time this
bug,, was still open. The author
of man-db suggested to set CK_FORK=no in the environment. That helped
for several tests, but the first test of libpipelines kept failing.

I also had a problem that I always got static libraries instead of shared.
Even when I explicitly configure with --enable-static=no


I downloaded and built the latest version of check, and it seems to work much better. I still have issues with libpipelines tests. It appears that there is a 32/64-bit issue somewhere. I'm using Cygwin x64. Many of the tests fail with issues similar to the following:

/home/Chris/Stuff/non-GNU/libpipeline/build/tests/../../libpipeline-1.2.6/tests/exec.c:114:(.text+0x121): relocation truncated to fit: R_X86_64_PC32 against undefined symbol `_ck_assert_failed'

I can dig a little deeper into this, and I can also try a 32-bit version, but not until later. I don't even have a 32-bit install of Cygwin on this box, and I'd have to figure out exactly what packages I'd need to build check and libpipeline.

I ran it on 32 bit cygwin, I did not try 64 bit. But is should work on both of course.

Erwin Waterlander

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