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Re: Please stop sending email to ...

Greetings, Corinna Vinschen!

>> >>> I know that this is a pointless exercise but I'll say it anyway: people
>> >>> who think that they can have a private chat with Corinna or Larry by
>> >>> sending email to what seem to be their private email addresses will just
>> >>> show up in the spam trap, possibly even causing spamassassin to think
>> >>> that they are a spammer.
>> >>> 
>> >>> We mention in multiple places that cygwin-related issues should go to
>> >>> this list.  So, please don't bother trying to send private email unless
>> >>> you've been specifically asked to do so.  You'll also be doing me a
>> >>> favor because I won't have to spend time cleaning out the spam traps.
>> >>
>> >>Well, here goes nothing. 
>> >>
>> >>I am happy to admit that I'm one of those persons.  The problem is
>> >>exactly that what you claim we "should do" versus what is actually
>> >>possible to do.  If any of the list maintainers had actually bothered
>> >>to try to register to these email lists, you would probably have found
>> >>out that your spam filters are set so high, that it is impossible for
>> >>normal people to even register to these lists!
>> > FYI, The Cygwin list has 1212 subscribers with 89 new joiners since
>> > January 1.  I'm the "list maintainer" and I'm obviously registered.
>> > The same software that handles Cygwin also handles and
>> >  There are many other mailing lists under those
>> > domains, and some of them have even more subscribers.
>> The point was, it's nowhere mentioned, who to contact in case of list issues.
>> Not in list mail headers, neither on list's mailman web page.
>> I've had multiple mails blocked for containing  "foreign language" (how can I
>> help? It's Microsoft smarts to translate group names to make everyone
>> unhappy), and I multiple times tried to find the address to appeal to. To no
>> avail.
>> Yes, I vaguely recalled, that there supposed to be "<list>-owner" address,
>> but it's only my poor memory. How can I trust her without confirmation?

> On the other hand, the "postmaster" account exists everywhere...

Not to argue, but postmaster is often not the right person to contact mailing
list owner.
Now, given proper explanation, I realize this is not the case for cygwin
mailing list, and I've already pinned Christopher's message for future

Andrey Repin ( 12.03.2014, <23:32>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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