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Re: Please stop sending email to ...

Greetings, Christopher Faylor!

>>> I know that this is a pointless exercise but I'll say it anyway: people
>>> who think that they can have a private chat with Corinna or Larry by
>>> sending email to what seem to be their private email addresses will just
>>> show up in the spam trap, possibly even causing spamassassin to think
>>> that they are a spammer.
>>> We mention in multiple places that cygwin-related issues should go to
>>> this list.  So, please don't bother trying to send private email unless
>>> you've been specifically asked to do so.  You'll also be doing me a
>>> favor because I won't have to spend time cleaning out the spam traps.
>>Well, here goes nothing. 
>>I am happy to admit that I'm one of those persons.  The problem is
>>exactly that what you claim we "should do" versus what is actually
>>possible to do.  If any of the list maintainers had actually bothered
>>to try to register to these email lists, you would probably have found
>>out that your spam filters are set so high, that it is impossible for
>>normal people to even register to these lists!

> FYI, The Cygwin list has 1212 subscribers with 89 new joiners since
> January 1.  I'm the "list maintainer" and I'm obviously registered.
> The same software that handles Cygwin also handles and
>  There are many other mailing lists under those
> domains, and some of them have even more subscribers.

The point was, it's nowhere mentioned, who to contact in case of list issues.
Not in list mail headers, neither on list's mailman web page.
I've had multiple mails blocked for containing  "foreign language" (how can I
help? It's Microsoft smarts to translate group names to make everyone
unhappy), and I multiple times tried to find the address to appeal to. To no
Yes, I vaguely recalled, that there supposed to be "<list>-owner" address,
but it's only my poor memory. How can I trust her without confirmation?

Andrey Repin ( 12.03.2014, <15:38>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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