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Re: File permissions when using ACLs

Charles Plager writes:
> * Anybody else experience  files that lose all permissions?  Any
> suggestions on resetting the file (short of reformatting the drive)?

Ahem.  Yes, that has happened once to me.  I don't know how the IT guys
fixed it exactly, but they eventually deleted that file without
formatting the disk or rebooting the server.  The process starts with
(recursively) taking ownership of said file or directory and then
re-enabling the right to delete, IIRC.

I've been using "noacl" mount option for that particular server ever
since (also because it is slow enough as is and gets slower still when
using ACL).

> * Any other hints/insights that might be useful here?

Not really, except that concurrent access to other files in the same
directory seemed to be involved.

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