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Re: Testers needed: New passwd/group handling in Cygwin

Corinna Vinschen <corinna-cygwin <at>> writes:
> > With the original passwd and group file in place and nsswitch.conf set to
> > either "files" or "files db" the test fails.  With just "files" getfacl
> > doesn't show the group ACL at all,
> How does it look with any non-AD integrated Cygwin?

... doesn't show the group ACL until I add them to the group file.  That
part is consistent with the AD enabled snapshot.  Actually... if I create a
group file with those two groups added, the access again doesn't get
granted.  Which finally reveals that I also need to have the administrators
group present in that file (which mkpasswd had been doing) -- then it works.
 I can even leave out the two ACL groups again and it still works.

> Hmm.  So you're saying that the groups in question are not in
> /etc/groups, but it works with the non-AD Cygwin but not with the
> AD-Cygwin?

Exactly.  But as revealed above, what was really missing is the
Administrators group.  Somehow, when "files" is in effect, that mapping
doesn't seem to exist unless it is explicitly listed in the file.  It does
get auto-created when I use _only_ the "db".  I hope that somehow makes sense...

> > So, Perl somehow uses the gid/uid mapping and relies on those to be working,

No, it seems to balk on not being able to map the Administrator group (which
is my egid).


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