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Re: Testers needed: New passwd/group handling in Cygwin

Corinna Vinschen <corinna-cygwin <at>> writes:
> > st_atim=531DE525.1B5BB150 (release)
> > st_atim=531DF887.5D9B9F8  (snapshot)
> Access time.  On Windows it even changes when requesting certain
> kinds of metadata :-P

It's been consistent over many days of testing and the only difference
between release and snapshot, so I thought I'd mention it.

> But the question is, does perl actually use that list?  The strace
> snippets don't show anything here.  If it doesn't use the access(2)
> call, it would have to load the full ACL of the file and match that
> against your token group list.  This requires calls to getgroups (which
> would create the litany of group SIDs from fetch_account_from_windows)
> and acl.  It's pretty unlikely that perl would do this manually.

Not that I can see, it simply seems to call stat64, which it did before.  I
don't think it drops any groups, either.  And again, just mounting cygdrive
with "noacl" gets rid of the problem entirely.

> You're still using a group file?  

I think yes, I hadn't moved it away (but no passwd file).

> Anyway, I need the full straces.  It's pretty hard to say anything, let
> alone isolate at least the most probable cause without them.  Can you
> please run the simple examples under the 2014-03-09 snapshot and send
> URLs to the snapshots?

I've just updated to the latest snapshot w/o AD integration for testing,
will revert to the other one for more testing.  Not sure if I can fit that
in today, will send the links via PM when I have the traces uploaded.


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