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cannot open mintty as adminstrator

When I try to open mintty as administrator, either via desktop shortcut or via windows explorer, a mintty window should open ready to use. ïInstead I get a window that reads:

Failed to fork child process: Resource temporarily unavailable.
DLL rebasing may be required. See 'rebaseall --help'.

Any key closes the window. ïThis now happens every time I try this operation.

I've tried other programs, but all work. ïThis may not have anything to do with
mintty, but this problem has led to this report.

I'm running all latest versions:

mintty --version
mintty 1.1.3

cygcheck -V
cygcheck (cygwin) 1.7.28

Windows 8.1 Pro x64

We have two Thinkpad Carbon X1 Touch PC's. ïBoth are updated regularly. ïThis problem just started occuring on one PC. ïOn both PCs, mintty opens fine when run as the user on that PC.

ash rebaseall runs fine on both PCs under the adminstrator cmd. ïAfter a while it just returns without comment.

updatedb is run daily over the entire C: drive (just one SSD drive in the Carbon X1). ïI do not see any other cygwin1.dll files; that is, we have both C:/cygwin/ and C:/cygwin64/, so each has its own cygwin1.dll fron its own setup. ïNo others show up in the /var/locatedb datbase.

I have reinstalled mintty and also the cygwin base and ïbase-files, but this was no help in solving this problem?

I can open C:/cygwin/Cygwin.bat just fine as adminstrator on both PCs, via a desktop shortcut or via windows explorer clicking on the file.

I've rebooted several times.

Any suggestions?

I attach the output of `cygcheck -svr`, with "XXX" masking the user's name.


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