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Re: Testers needed: New passwd/group handling in Cygwin

On Mar  3 22:07, Warren Young wrote:
> On 3/3/2014 18:36, Andrey Repin wrote:
> >Once TCP session is established, it remains,
> >until closed or dropped on either end of the wire.
> Have you done the packet capture to prove that Windows does in fact
> keep the LDAP connection to the AD server up continually, or are you
> making an assumption?
> >Amount of packets doesn't matter
> Even if the connection stays up all the time, an LDAP lookup is
> almost certain to take more than one packet each way.
> Packet round trip time (RTT) varies by orders of magnitude among
> networks, from sub-ms on a fast, quiet LAN to on the order of a full
> second for a slow WAN.
> Since the number of packets is a function of the number of round
> trips, a network with an RTT of 0.9s will take more than the
> proposed 3 seconds to process a query that requires 4 round trips,
> even if the processing delay on either end is essentially 0.
> You have to measure it to find out.
> And yes, I have personally used networks with an RTT > 1.0s.

I was inclined to go with Andrey's suggestion for simplicity.  What's


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