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RE: Testers needed: New passwd/group handling in Cygwin

> On Mar  2 14:20, Frank Fesevur wrote:
> > 2014-02-28 22:08 GMT+01:00 Corinna Vinschen:
> > > That's not really a problem but a case of "it is as it is".  To get the
> > > user and group info, Cygwin has to contact the DC and/or GC and then
> > > runs into a timeout.  Right now, the LDAP timeout is set to 3 seconds.
> > > I don't know yet if it's such a bright idea to lower this timeout value.
> >
> > I understand why it happens. And three seconds are not the problem.
> >
> > It is just a bit confusing to activate the shortcut and for 3 seconds
> > nothing seems to happen. First time I double-clicked again because I
> > though it wasn't working at all. Obviously a bit later two terminal
> > showed up. If mintty would should up empty and "wait" those three
> > seconds before something happens it is more clear it just takes some
> > startup time. But maybe that is more a mintty problem.
> No, this is not mintty's fault.  You have to understand that the
> request for information from the DC is called before the actual
> application had any chance to initialize,  This happens before
> the application has, in fact, been called from the Cygwin DLL.
> Therefore, if the three seconds are a burden, there are three choices
> going forward:
> - We reduce the timeout to 1 second in general, which could be a problem
>   when utilizing a slow VPN conncetion to the DC,
> - We allow the user to specify a timeout value and set the default to
>   1 second.
> - We stick to the 3 seconds and users should switch to files (/etc/passwd
>   /etc/group) when being offline from their DC.
> I'm really not sure what the best way is, I guess we as a community have
> to dice this out somehow.
> Corinna

Why not have a command that allows you choose whether or not you are "on-line", that is, currently connected to a
network with a DC or "off-line" where you are not.  In the former you consult the DC in the latter you use the local
files?  That way you can leave the timeout at a reasonable value.

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