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Re: Unpacking 7z archives on Cygwin64

> There is an x86_64 assembly version of the same
> file included in the source tarball which could be used instead,

Which is? May you clarify this point?

Sure. There's an Asm directory in the source tree, under which there
are x86 and x64 subfolders. They both contain versions of the file
7zCrcT8U.asm. I don't know assembly and I'm not familiar enough
with the details of p7zip to know for sure, but I'm guessing these
should do the same thing.

It should be possible to patch makefile.cygwin_asm to use the x64
assembly file instead, it would just be a bit more invasive of a patch.
The p7zip-9.20.1-1.src.patch file already has a section that touches
makefile.cygwin_asm that I could expand upon to do this.

I didn't understand the relationship between the numbered patches listed
in the PATCH_URI section of the .cygport file, and the .src.patch and
.cygwin.patch files, but I at least see the order in which they are
applied now.

Do 32-bit and 64-bit packages use the same build instructions, or would
the 64-bit package be separate? I can add in makefile conditionals to
make the same patch work for both, or use a simpler patch targeting
64-bit specifically.


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