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Re: Unpacking 7z archives on Cygwin64

No.  The Cygwin utility for 7z archives is p7zip, but that's one of the
packages that hasn't been ported to 64-bit Cygwin yet.

What's the best way to contribute to help this along? I just downloaded
the p7zip source package and figured out what needs to change to get
the cygport file to build cleanly in 64-bit Cygwin:

1. One of the patches doesn't apply correctly because a man file,
man1/7zr.1, has the wrong line endings. Running dos2unix on that
man file and re-packing the source tarball fixed that.

2. In src_compile() in the cygport file, the line

   cp makefile.cygwin_asm makefile.machine

is resulting in an x86 assembly file getting pulled in, which fails to
link in 64-bit Cygwin. There is an x86_64 assembly version of the same
file included in the source tarball which could be used instead, but the
easier patch is to instead use a C version of the file. There may be some
performance penalty here, but it's a one-liner patch to the cygport file:

   [ `arch` = x86_64 ] && cp makefile.cygwin makefile.machine

added after the previous "cp" line.

Can anyone offer guidance for how to proceed in creating a 64-bit version
of this package now that I've pointed out what needs to be fixed?


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