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Re: sox - package is broken

On 26/02/2014 22:38, Dr. Alexander Kleinsorge wrote:
1st sox problem:
in Cygwin 1.7.28 sound is broken. (sox + play)
I followed all hints as reply to my first post last week.

$ play blip.wav
  File Size: 1.33k     Bit Rate: 94.4k
   Encoding: Unsigned PCM
   Channels: 1 @ 8-bit
Samplerate: 11025Hz
Replaygain: off
   Duration: 00:00:00.11
In:100%  00:00:00.11 [00:00:00.00] Out:1.25k [======|======]        Clip:0
==> BUT I DONT HEAR ANYTHING, but same file works with other windows
players (==> soundcard + driver + speaker = ok).

I've been able to reproduce this using very short wav files (less than 2 seconds in duration); if I use a longer file then it seems to work OK. Please could you try again with a longer wav file and report how you get on.

This may be a Cygwin problem (rather than an issue with sox itself), as piping the wav file to /dev/dsp has the same result, i.e. short wav files are not heard.



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