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How to create hard-dir links that cygwin won't bother?

I've tried using mklink /d target source in cmd
I'm wondering if i'd have any better success with junctions or linkd
(2 pre-win7 ways of doing directory linking/mounting in Windows).

I have a dual install of cygwin-x86 & xygwin-x86-64 existing
mostly side by side in root -- but some programs don't play nice.

One appears to be setup -- or a script called by setup that
seems to change the link into a dir - which screws up all remaining

I also have a prob with the cygwin mount
c:/bin on /usr/bin -- anything in /usr/bin shows a path of:

Which is wrong on multiple levels.

oh..... it turns out /bin is being overwritten as well.

My links for bin & etc point to:


my cygwin dir in System32 points to C:\cygwin or C:\cygwin64
depending on if it is a 32-bit process accessing System32 or a 64-bit process accessing

But this bit of setup deleting my directories is raising havok...

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