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Re: [patch] cygwin-apps/run 1.0.3

On 11/30/2013 10:01 PM, Christopher Faylor wrote:
On Sat, Nov 30, 2013 at 09:52:01PM -0500, Max Polk wrote:
Follow-up to run 1.0.3 crashing and leaving run.exe.stackdump, first
reported at

The list wouldn't let me send a patch because it had an email address in
the Changelog, so I had to put it here:

Actually the problem is that you shouldn't submit ChangeLog entries as
diffs since they often don't apply cleanly.  Just send the ChangeLog
entry.  Your email address wouldn't be blocked since it doesn't include

Thanks for the patch though.  I'm sure Chuck will be happy to consider
applying it.

Thanks for the patch. I'm concerned that always quoting every argument might hurt file globbing (e.g. when you pass foo.* as an argument). Howevr, since what you have is clearly better than status quo, and fixes an actual regression where older versions of run /used/ to handle this situation fine...I'll roll a new update fairly soon.


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