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RE: chere + mintty doesn't work with mapped drives

Dave wrote: 

> Can you clarify which isn't working:
> a) a network share mapped to a drive letter, e.g N:\my\network\location
This is my situation.  I have my Y: drive mapped to a Linux Samba server.  See more details below

> b) network share accessed via \\ e.g. \\server\path\my\network\location
Not doing this.

> I think a) should always work.
Sadly that is not my experience.

> Are you right clicking on a directory and selecting the menu item, or right clicking a blank spot in the RH pane? The two result in different logic, with
> the latter having to guess it's a network path.
I am right clicking on a directory name in either (tried both) the LH or RH pane of an explore.exe window.  In both cases what happens
Is that a new window is launched (good) with an initial title of the form "/bin/xhere /bin/bash.exe Y:\apps".  After a brief pause, I see
"Starting /bin/bash.exe", than another brief pause and the window title changes to "/cygdrive/c/WINDOWS/system32" and I get a
Bash command prompt.  The PWD is just what the title indicates (i.e. .../system32)

> You may be able to figure out what's going on by adding a few echos to /bin/xhere
That a good tip.  I didn't realize it was a script.  I'll try that.

-- Charlie

P.S. I'm also having trouble figuring out how to post replies to what I see on the web archive.  I did NOT get any email reply to my prior post, it just showed up on the web archive (that was good).  I carefully checked my spam quarantine areas several times to be sure.  Actually my first post on this topic was my second attempt to  post.  I had to add myself to the white-list which I didn't notice at first since the white-list suggestion was stuck in MY stupid stupid Outlook spam filter (Thanks so much Outlook). 

In any event, I have cobbled together something that resembles a reply to an email that I have really scraped off the web archive.  That seems awfully complicated.  Surely I'm missing something.  But I just cannot see the "Reply" button on the archive.  Is this like when my wife says, its right there and points to it and yep, its really right there?  :-(

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