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Re: CVS version difference, 32-bit vs 64-bit

On 11/25/2013 10:11 PM, Mark Hadfield wrote:
On 32-bit Cygwin the CVS package is at version 1.12.13 whereas on
64-bit Cygwin it is at 1.11.23. The latter can handle proxy servers
whereas the former cannot, so I would prefer 1.12.13 on both.

I note that 1.11.23 (the last stable release) is quite a lot *newer*
than 1.12.13 (the last feature release), see:

So I can see there could be different views about which is best to
distribute for Cygwin, however the proxy server consideration trumps
everything else for me.

In order to bootstrap the 64bit cygwin environment, many times packages were NMU'ed (non-maintainer-upload) when the primary maintainer didn't have time (or was unavailable) to address the 64bit port in a timely manner.

This is/was the case for many of "my" packages, including CVS.

However, sometimes the NMU uploader chose a different package version for the 64bit NMU than was used for the "main" 32bit distro. This is the case for CVS.

I'm veerrrrryyyy sloooowly working my way through all of my packages, and will get to CVS in due course. I'm glad you were able to build a suitable version yourself.


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