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Antivirus strikes back (probably) (Was: Intermittent failures retrieving process exit codes)

On 2013-11-25 à 21:58 +02:00, Lasse Collin wrote:
> On 2013-11-15 Denis Excoffier wrote:
>> Very briefly, my problem is that when i "tar xf
>> —use-compress-program=xz", i get:
>> tar: Unexpected EOF in archive
>> tar: Unexpected EOF in archive
>> tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
>> and the last file of the archive is truncated at some 512bytes block.
>> This occurs on Windows 7 (not on XP); with xz-5.1.3alpha (not with
>> xz-5.1.2alpha or xz-5.0.5); never on most tar.xz files; almost always
>> on some (rare) tar.xz files (one notable example is
>> bc-1.06.95.tar.bz2 bunzip2’ed and then xz’ed); depends on the .tar
>> file itself, not on the option (like -9e, -0) used to create
>> the .tar.xz; never with "tar tf"; and with all tar’s i have tested.
>> The return code of all the involved xz -d commands is always zero
>> though. Perhaps after all, this is unrelated?
> xz 5.1.3alpha has some new file I/O code that uses non-blocking file
> descriptors, the self-pipe trick, and poll(). It's there to fix a race
> condition in signal handling. Since you say it works with 5.1.2alpha, I
> wonder could there be a bug with the new I/O code in xz or if the code
> in xz triggers a bug in Cygwin or Windows.
> If you haven't already tried, please compile both 5.1.2alpha and
> 5.1.3alpha from source while keeping everything else unchanged, and see
> if the bug really only occurs with 5.1.3alpha.
Already done. I did some strace-ing, and since i’m not so fluent with the
result, i’ll send it there in a while (when i’m back on cygwin) if someone is
interested. But the bug (contrary to what i said before) also _sometimes_
occurs with 5.1.2alpha or 5.0.5 and this makes me think now that:

a) my antivirus-anti-intrusion-whatever-software (that i can’t remove of
course) creates some kind of "background noise" where a certain percentage
of such ‘tar xf —use-compress-program’ commands will always fail

b) nevertheless, xz-5.1.3alpha (with its new file I/O code etc.) triggers some
untypical configuration inside the antivirus that increases drastically the
percentage, making the failure almost certain for some files.

It is not extraordinary that i cannot observe the failure on XP since
i do not have this particular antivirus on XP.

You might however want some more detail. Test plan is: perform
'tar xf file.xz --use-compress-program=xz -bx', where x varies from 1 to 200.
There are two kinds of results:

1) usual situation is where you observe max 1 or 2 failures (on a maximum of 200).
If you launch the same plan, you still report max 1 or 2 failures, usually not
with the same numbers. Very often you have no failure at all. Very often the
-b20 (the default) does not fail.
-> this situation occurs with 5.1.2alpha or 5.0.5 with all input files, or with
5.1.3alpha with most input files.

2) pathological situation is where you observe, say, 30 failures (on a maximum of 200).
If you launch the same plan, you report nearly the same failures, ie mostly the same
ones, with some minor variability analogous to the variability observed in the usual
situation above
-> this situation occurs with 5.1.3alpha only, with some selected input files,
eg bc-1.06.95.tar.xz (see above how to create bc-1.06.95.tar.xz)

When it fails (usually or pathologically), the last file of the archive gets
truncated (see above), and _this_ is strange from an antivirus behaviour. After
all, perhaps some flush() or similar is missing inside 5.1.3alpha.

Denis Excoffier.
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