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Re: attempting to get the latest version of Xinetd and Inetd going on the latest version of 64 bit cygwin

On 11/25/2013 3:41 PM, Katherine Moss wrote:

Hi all, I'm just learning how to do this, so please forgive me if
I've missed something obvious.  I'm in the process of installing
Cygwin on a Windows 8.1 machine with the Inetutils package installed.
My goal is to get Xinetd working properly so that I can define some
other services with it.  I've used the following command to attempt
to install it since by default /etc/xinetd.conf is not there; do I
need to create it?
> Cygrunsrv -I xinetd -d "Cygwin xinetd" -p
/usr/sbin/xinetd This command results in: "interactive is only
allowed with install."
> What am I missing here?  The same thing
happens when I attempt to install Inetd.  Thanks all for any
feedback. all is welcome.

All packages come with a README under /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/, for instance inetutils.README... but it seems to be missing some instructions:

There are several ways to install the service, one is with the included files AND by also installing sysvinit (the System-V init script runner) which then will run the /etc/rc.d/init.d scripts (in this case /etc/rc.d/init.d/inetd).

The other way is as you tried, which is as a Windows service. I have no idea why the message you show appears, it shouldn't. But there's also the missing details, xinetd will probably not work w/o additional parameters (perhaps keep it in the foreground, so cygrunsrv can actually control it -- but this should be in the README, I just don't have xinetd installed so I don't know).

The configuration file should be among those installed, or its equivalent (I see that inetutils installs /etc/defaults/etc/xinetd.d/ftpd, and others; it also installs /etc/defaults/etc/inetd.conf which probably needs to be copied into /etc). Start by checking what is actually installed:

cygcheck -l inetutils

René Berber

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