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Re: Cygwin64: Rebase problems

On 02/11/2013 11:06, David Stacey wrote:
I launched bash (from 'cmd') and ran 'rebase -si' and the results are attached. There are two things to note. Firstly, a great many entries have a base address of zero(!).

I'm still investigating this, as time allows. Locally, I've altered the autorebase post-install script to add '-v' (i.e. verbose output) and both stdout and stderr are logged to a file. Examining this log, I see that DLLs in /usr/bin appear to be rebased correctly. I see entries of the form:

    /usr/bin/cygEMF-1.dll: new base = 3fffb0000, new size = 30000
    /usr/bin/cygEGL-1.dll: new base = 3fffe0000, new size = 20000

However, for all DLLs in /usr/lib, the new base is always zero - so I see entries of the form:

    /usr/lib/cygsqlite3_mod_impexp.dll: new base = 0, new size = 10000
    /usr/lib/cygsqlite3_mod_xpath.dll: new base = 0, new size = 10000

I assume that this is wrong (although I'd be grateful if someone would confirm that). Further, there are two suspect entries together at the top of the log:

    /usr/bin/libtk8.5.dll: new base = 524600000, new size = 120000
    /usr/bin/libzsh-5.0.2.dll: new base = 5d9670000, new size = a0000

The base address for these two seems too high, and again I suspect that these are wrong.

The next step is to build my own 'rebase' littered with copious printf's, and see if I can figure out what's going wrong.



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