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Re: emacs-w32 24.3-7 aborts frequently using TRAMP

Ken Brown writes:
> Can you do some experimentation to try to narrow this down?  For example:
> * Is it related to Tramp or not?

I don't think so, I get those crashes without Tramp in the picture and
sometimes with an Emacs that simply has a single file open and then left

FWIW, besides crahses (which never happen when I'm using Emacs, so I'm
thinking they might relate to the screen saver kicking in when Emacs is
trying to do something), I do get some error messages from timer code
that complains about not getting the expected vectorp once in a while
and I've never seen these anywhere else but on Windows.

> * Does the abort still occur if you start emacs with "emacs -Q"?

I've tried numerous times, but none of these has crashed yet.  Then
again, the parallel "normal" Emacs session didn't crash either.

> * Is the problem specific to emacs-w32 or does it happen with
> emacs-nox and emacs-X11 also?

Didn't test that.  On the last crash I forgot that I had another Emacs
running and attached to the wrong PID...

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