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Re: : Subversion packages

Greetings, Christopher Faylor!

>>The problem is that the Cygwin installer does not provide a mechanism
>>for having more than two versions of the same package. I currently
>>provide (a somewhat out-of-date) 1.7 version as "prev" and the latest
>>1.8 as "curr". I can see no way to also provide 1.6.

> FWIW, I can only get one version of subversion on my gentoo system too:
> 1.7.13.  On Fedora I can get 1.7.11.  I could probably cast around and
> try to find older versions if I wanted to but it doesn't seem like this
> is something that those distributions handle seamlessly so it doesn't
> seem like this is something that Cygwin should really have to worry
> about either.

Normally, you can expect Subversion to transparently operate across different
mix of client and server versions, but they've made a... change[1]... back in
the days, that made working directories illegible in newer (1.7+) clients.
The 1.7 client has the means of converting 1.6 working directories to a new
format. I'm unsure, if 1.8 still have this ability.


Andrey Repin ( 18.11.2013, <01:01>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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